Viscosity OpenVPN MAC Address

Here’s how you can make Viscosity set the MAC address of your TUN/TAP device prior to establishing a connection. Under the Advanced tab of your connection definition, simply add the following under “Extra OpenVPN configuration commands …”

lladdr 00:ff:12:34:56:78


Viscosity uses tuntaposx internally and I found this thread on the tuntaposx-users mailing list where the devs explain why they chose not to use the 00:FF paradigm like under Windows. IMHO, it’s very helpful for administrators to be able to distinguish between local MAC addresses and VPN MAC addresses (i.e. like in the dhcpd.conf file).

I hope this will save some time for future users of Viscosity who have the same problem.

2 thoughts on “Viscosity OpenVPN MAC Address

  1. Is the viscosity app for mac only? is there a similar software for non-mac users? I mean, for windows. I too wanna set my tuntap mac address with openvpn. thanks!

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